Mariendistel-Pellet, kaltgepresst, 6kg

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Sanafino Milk Thistle Pellets contain bitter substances that are often missing in daily feeding.... mehr
Produktinformationen "Mariendistel-Pellet, kaltgepresst, 6kg"

Sanafino Milk Thistle Pellets contain bitter substances that are often missing in daily feeding. Milk thistle products efficiently compensate for this deficiency and have a strengthening, cleansing and regenerating effect on the organism. Milk thistle products have astringent and liver-strengthening effects, and are also antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic and detoxifying.

The rare combination of natural ingredients in milk thistle pellets promotes the renewal of hepatic cells, supports liver detoxification and stimulates liver and bile metabolism. They stimulate the production of digestive juices and pancreatic enzymes, thus naturally supporting digestion.

If you would like more details on feeding, dosage, ingredients etc. on this topic, please click on this link.


Ingredients per 100g
Calorific value 390kcal./1632kJ 
Fat, thereof* 12%
*Saturated fatty acids 19%
Monounsaturated fatty acid (Ω9) 24%
*Polyunsaturated fatty acids (Ω3, Ω6) 57%
Protein 20%
Carbohydrates, thereof* 7%
*Sugar 0,2%
Water 3%
Crude ash 9%
Ballast substances 46%
*Flavonolignane 2,5-3%
*Flavonolignane, the silymarin mixture contains mainly
Silibinin, Isosilybin, Silychristin and Silydianin.
Vitamins: Provitamin A, C, D, E
All stated values are subject to natural fluctuations.
Store well closed, in a cool and dark place.


Milk thistle pellet from Sanafino for animals

"Mariendistel-Pellet, kaltgepresst, 6kg"
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