Milled hemp seeds, conventional 12kg

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Milled hemp seeds contain important and partly essential substances for animals which prevent... more
Product information "Milled hemp seeds, conventional 12kg"

Milled hemp seeds contain important and partly essential substances for animals which prevent deficiency symptoms and alleviate existing ones.

Free of chemical additives, these milled hemp seeds are an absolutely natural and plant-based source of vital substances for animals from nature.

The fibres of the milled hemp seeds care for the intestinal tract and support a good digestion.

Why finely milled;
Due to the fine and gentle grinding of the hemp seeds, they have a higher biological value than e.g. the whole hemp seed. This in turn enables the milled hemp seeds to be converted quickly and efficiently by the animal's organism into the body's own proteins. The protein gained in this way is quickly available to the animal for building up condition and muscles and for strengthening the immune system.

Finely milled hemp seeds are also intended for these animals, which refuse hemp seeds as a whole. Furthermore, the ground version of hempseed often leaves less residual food in the trough and bowl.

If you would like more details about feeding, dosage, ingredients etc. on this topic, please click on this link.


Ingredients per 100g
Calorific value 590cal./2455kJ 
Fat, thereof* 30%
    *Saturated fatty acids 11%

    *1-fold unsaturated
      fatty acids (Ω9)


      fatty acids (Ω3, Ω6)

Protein 26%

Carbohydrates, thereof*

    *Sugar 1,5%
Water 2%
Crude ash 4%
Ballast substances 29%
Vitamine: Provitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D
Others; Chlorophyll, Eisen, Kalium, Kalzium, Mangan, Magnesium, Natrium, Phosphor, Zink, Linolsäure (Ω6),Gamma-Linolensäure (Ω6), alpha-Linolensäure (Ω3)

All stated values are subject to natural fluctuations.

Store well closed, in a cool and dark place.

Ground hemp seeds, conventional from Sanafino






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