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Chamomile Pellet, 3kg
Chamomile Pellet, 3kg
Chamomile Pellet, 3kg

Chamomile Pellet, 3kg

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Sanafino camomile pellets are obtained exclusively from the camomile medicinal plant. The... more
Product information "Chamomile Pellet, 3kg"

Sanafino camomile pellets are obtained exclusively from the camomile medicinal plant. The pellets for animals are sedative, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, haemostatic, antiseptic, vasodilator, wound-healing, analgesic and stimulate the skin metabolism.

Sanafino chamomile pellets can provide relief from colic, flatulence, inner restlessness, stress and problems concerning the gastrointestinal tract. In combination with Sanafino hemp fine grist pellets, the increase in effectiveness is practically founded and proven.

Chamomile products should be used with caution in pregnant animals, as chamomile can possibly induce premature labour.
It is also essential to ensure that chamomile products are not used in the eye, as this leads to dehydration and thus blindness of the eye.

TIP: Ticks do not like the smell of camomile at all. A simple and thoroughly natural tick protection is therefore to spray your pet with a warm chamomile solution.

If you would like more details about feeding, dosage, ingredients etc. on this topic, please click on this link.


Nutritional information / ingredients per 100g
Calorific value: 260kcal./1088kJ 
Fat, of which*: 4,1%
*saturated fatty acids: 0,9%
*multiple unsaturated fatty acids (Ω3,Ω6) 3,2%
Protein 17%
Carbohydrates, of which*: 18,5%
*Sugar: 3,5%
Water: 2%
Crude ash: 6,7%
Mucilage: 7,5%
Fibre/ballast: 38%
*Flavonoids 6,2%
*Among others Apigenin, apigenin-7-O-glucoside, various derivatives
including quercetin, Chrysoeriol, lutein, Luteolin, Patuletin, Rutin,
Hyperosid and Cosmosin. Other compounds such as Coumarins
(Umbelliferon, Herniarin, Aesculetin, Coumarin, Scopoletin, Isoscopoletin),
about 2.5% 2-glucosyl-4-methoxycinnamic acid, anise acid, caffeico acid,
vanilla acid and syringic acid.
 Vitamins: E
All stated values are subject to natural fluctuations.

Store in a cool, dark and well-sealed place.


Chamomile Pellet from Sanafino





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